Pictures I took in Peru recently with my dated (but still awesome) Nikon D5100.

Fogs quickly filling the entire mountain valley as we arrived at Machu Picchu early morning.

This was a nice elevated view of Cusco, the capital of the once powerful Inca Empire.

This photogragh was taken from the inside of the Coricancha at Cusco. The Coricancha had been the most important temple in the Inca Empire.

After leaving Cusco, we hopped on an overnight bus off to La Paz, taking a stop and spending the night on the beautiful lake of Titicaca.

We slept on an island built entirely on dry reeds. The submerged part of the reeds is actually edible and tastes very crisp.

A wasted train yards in Uyuni, Bolivia.

The pinnacle of the trip, the mirror of the sky - a salt lake with a thin layer of water only at rain season that reflects everything from sky to the horizon. Incredible view.